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Totoro in the Kingdom


There spread Totoro's forest to the west suburbs of Tokyo. Totoro used to be a good neighbor of us.

We have long come to get along with forests ever. Going to the Totoro's land, got nuts and mushrooms, men have been taken care of the forests in return.

But recently, we scarcely find Totoro.

For men have been flocked to the Totoro's land, so that they had been driven away?

Or men have become not taken care of the forest?

I come to their place today again, the forest seemed to be remain unchanged as before. Though Totoro could not be visible, it seems laughter of Totoro remain as the Cheshire cat laugh.

So I picture this instance of the whole scenery not to forget Totoro's kingdom.

I wonder whether I can find the Totoro someday.

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