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Shape of memories 
Soul dwells in a well-used tool so that an old tool can be a beautiful object. Thus strong presence, not exist in a brand new item, that we can only observe in items of came over time. It's another side of beauty, different from the beauty of form and materials.

There is a feeling called "wabi sabi" to the word representing the Japanese aesthetic. Sabi refers to the beauty that emerges through the time.So the beauty in well-used tools, is just the meaning of Sabi and is the reflection of the soul in it.
This photographing project of tools initially started to record carpenter tools that were belonged to my father. Then I found there were something spiritualness in well-used tools and those are different from the beautiful elements in brand new items.And then I came to an conclusion that the soul of the user will dwell to the long-used tools and will naturally blaze fishy gleaming.

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